Why Bremen ?

Since June 2003, Bremen has been home to the botanika, a Green Science Center, which includes a valuable collection of artifacts from the Buddhist cultural environment. The collection includes the only standing Stupa in Germany and the largest bronze Nirwana Buddha in Europe. Other exhibits include a Mani wall, a large Prayer Wheel with millions of mantras, Tibetan medicine Thangkas, a Tsa-Tsa cave, and many more. Along with the plant exhibits and the Discovery Center, these valuable and authentic ethnic exhibits have drawn attention in Buddhist circles to the botanika.

This international interest has lead to the Tibetan Culture Center’s selection of Rhododendron Park in Bremen to receive this gift. Lama Doboom Tulka, the former director of the Tibet House, visited Bremen to confirm the suitability of the botanika for this world wide peace project. Following his visit, officials of the Tibet house in New Delhi confirmed that Bremen was chosen to receive the Buddha designated for the European Continent, the second location among the five continents to be confirmed. It is also required the Peace Buddha be available to everyone without charge.

Stupa at the entrance area of botanika Bremen